Struggling with an Eating Disorder

This post is close to home and is going to be about struggling with an eating disorder; my personal experience.  The NHS definitions for the most common eating disorders:  Anorexia Nervosa – when a person tries to keep their weight as low as possible; for example, by starving themselves or exercising excessively. …  Binge eating […]

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Living with Anxiety

In this day and age living with anxiety is a norm. Yet it isn’t talked about much in society or in the media. Although it has been publicised through the likes of Justin Bieber, Zayn Malik and so on so forth cancelling concerts due to their anxiety… the issue isn’t really discussed. Medical News Today […]

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A Peak Into the Life of a Student

Adulting is hard, no one can deny that… but being thrown into adulthood alongside being an independent student in University is chaos. They say that going to school and getting an education is essential part of growing up, but they never teach you how to actually be an adult. We’re not even taught how to […]

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Treat yourself!

  These days we work so hard to earn a living, to get an education, to be someone and overall to make something of ourselves. Through all of these struggles, I believe there should be one day, every year, where you treat yourself. It’s all about self love so, Treat yourself for these reasons: (and […]

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TV Shows I Can’t Get Over!

Hey guys! Well I did mention I would post a wide variety of subjects, so here it goes!  TV shows I can’t get over!!  Gotham:  This is one show everyone has to watch. I kid you not, this show has it all. I love my comedies, but I love my romance, action and drama too. […]

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The Struggle of Moving

  Moving into a new place is all sorts of painful. I mean, it’s lovely to have your own place and your own space. To roam around freely or stay in bed as long as you can without someone telling you to stop being lazy and get up.   I actually read an article which […]

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