As Salaam Alaikum, may peace and blessings be upon you. Yes, it is me, I am back. After a long break from blogging I have returned and I have to say I really missed it. It is currently the blessed month of Ramadhan; for Muslims all around the world, Ramadhan Mubarak. The last ten days are […]

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Top 8 Date Ideas

If you’re anything like me, you are always looking for new interesting things to do. Who better to do them with than your significant other, or a potential. 1. Dinner and a Movie The old Cliche date night can also be very fun. It’s not always that you have to go out and watch a […]

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Dear Future Child,

For this post I thought it would be fun to try out something new and write in the form of an open letter. I decided to write to my future child: Dear future child, I pray this letter finds you in good health and at a happy time in your life. There are a lot […]

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January Favourites!

Heyy guys!! January was the start of a whole new year. This meant back to uni for me; even though I did just get my student finance at the start of January, it all disappeared faster than expected. Granted most of it was put aside for rent, but the other half is nearly non-existent. This […]

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Push Yourself To Achieve The Best

Recently my family faced the sudden passing of my grandfather, may his soul rest in peace. This tragic event made me realise how short life truly is. I truly believe we should live every day like it’s our last. Obviously not doing extravagant things every single day, because you’ll end up with no money and […]

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“New Year, New Me” ?

I don’t really believe in New Years resolutions… but I do have a few aspirations and goals/to do list for 2017 – (it is sort of the same thing) 1. Being a student I believe I really need to ‘pull my socks up’ because I am in my second year and my course is based […]

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Struggling with an Eating Disorder

This post is close to home and is going to be about struggling with an eating disorder; my personal experience.  The NHS definitions for the most common eating disorders:  Anorexia Nervosa – when a person tries to keep their weight as low as possible; for example, by starving themselves or exercising excessively. …  Binge eating […]

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