Top 8 Date Ideas


If you’re anything like me, you are always looking for new interesting things to do. Who better to do them with than your significant other, or a potential.

1. Dinner and a Movie

The old Cliche date night can also be very fun. It’s not always that you have to go out and watch a romantic movie, sometimes it’s nice to watch something different. Widen your horizons and watch something new for a change.You also get a lot of decently priced restaurants (even in London) where the food and the service are top class.

(The one thing I love about my relationship with my husband is that we can watch and enjoy most movies together. So if he wants us to go on a date night to the cinemas to watch Logan [Amazing Movie!] that’s absolutely fine with me.)


2. Ice Skating

The Romantic view of a couple holding hands on the ice, skating away. The thing is with ice skating, you don’t always have to be great at it. The best times are usually when you start learning to skate and gradually let go of the railing, the feeling is immensely great. I’ve always been a lover of ice skating, I’m not perfect at it myself but it is great fun. Just don’t forget to dress up nice and warm and wear suitable clothing. After all, it’s not figure skating.



3. Dinner and a Movie (At Home)

This is a comfortable atmosphere where you can feel free to be yourselves, whilst enjoying each others company and yummy food at the same time. With this kind of date, you could choose to cook for your significant other, cook together and even order in takeout. There are so many different movies out there available to rent or to Netflix that there is always a variety to watch. The atmosphere is also very intimate allowing plenty of cuddling time and space. Or you could have a romantic dinner date on the roof like Kate and Leopold.



4. Bowling

This could be done as a couple or if you go on a double date it’s even better. It’s fun and competitive at the same time. The concept of bowling as a whole is fun to me, I’ve been with friends, I’ve been with family, just yet have to go with my partner. Each time, I have to admit I  did have a blast. Plus, if you go to Tenpin Bowling on a Tuesday night, you pay half price for bowling and drinks.

Image result for BOWLING


5. Picnic

Getting some sun and fresh air, whilst eating some delicious food with your significant other… what more could you ask for. If you go to a beautiful park for your picnic, a romantic stroll hand in hand would be a perfect ending to the date. You could also rent a bike and explore together.

Image result for picnic


6. Stand-up Comedy Show

The key to a woman’s heart isn’t only through Makeup or food, it’s comedy and laughter too. Laughing together is a great way to have a good date, especially if it is a first date. The good thing about comedy shows is that they are not too pricey as well. You don’t always have to go to the big name comedian’s shows either, just don’t get up and start playing with your own jokes.

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7. Brunch

It’s all about food. Eating with someone is a nice way to get to know them, especially when your likes and dislikes are similar. Pancakes, waffles, bagels, croissants, fruit, a nice English breakfast, just makes your mouth water thinking about it. Brunch allows for an easygoing, casual vibe; going for brunch also allows you to spend the rest of the day together to do anything else. Go for a nice stroll through the park or anything that suits you both.

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8. Aquarium

An aquarium is a nice place to go for a date. It takes away any moments of awkward silence as there is so much to see and so many exciting and interesting sea life. Which provides nice conversation topics too. You’re never too old to go to an aquarium and get excited over the intriguing different sea life.

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Thank you for reading! Till next time my lovelies! Xx 💋

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