“New Year, New Me” ?


I don’t really believe in New Years resolutions… but I do have a few aspirations and goals/to do list for 2017 – (it is sort of the same thing)

1. Being a student I believe I really need to ‘pull my socks up’ because I am in my second year and my course is based heavily on reading and comprehension. So, if you don’t actually read the content… what’s the point of studying the subject? Not that I stick by that philosophy…

2. Another goal I have is to be happy with the way I am. If I’m not content with myself, how will I be content with my life? One thing I’ve always needed to work on is self-loving or liking even… Not always putting myself down and always thinking about my size and shape… because, who gives a damn. You only live life once. You do you. I know it’s not something that comes by easy and it takes a lot of time and work, but I’m willing to try. Fingers crossed 🤞 #prayforme

3. This one is something I REALLY need to stick by and I’m sure a lot of people do too… Not spending more than my means and saving up money. Living in London it’s not always easy to save money; the price of rent is high and bills pile up.. food and supplies cost a lot too when it all adds up. So I think this year, my husband and I both need to be a lot more cautious with what we spend. No more unnecessary Uber Journeys. Mainly so that we can have a nice little holiday, something we truly need, a little honeymoon so to speak.


4. I would also like to show my loved ones that I love and appreciate them more this year. Life is such that people that care about you tend to be very few in numbers. Therefore, we should always show them immense love and respect because it’s what they deserve. Whether it’s a partner, the best friend or your parents and family, show them how much you love them. They deserve it.


5. Be more positive – a positive mind is a healthy mind. By positive I don’t mean just not taking everything seriously, but instead just taking positives from negative situations. Trying best to improve something bad or unnecessary. When you’re always negative about everything in life it starts to have a major impact on your life and on your psychological state. It causes stress and stress cause all sorts of problems. So optimism is key for me this year.

6. Being more patient with my better half.  When you’re in a relationship and you live together you tend to annoy each other with silly little things. Such as leaving wet towels around or not washing your dishes after yourself. Sometimes you just have to be incredibly patient with your partner just so that you can have a good calm loving relationship with them… even if you feel like murdering them.

That’s all for now! Till next time!xx


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